10,000 Bulletz Much cooler spelled this way. Would be a really cool futuristic game if the walkspeed wasn't painfully slow.
Amarok shirotsugh's foray into game-making, and one of the first CBS games.
Angels of Exodus Once a very popular game by the infamous Illustrious.
Ara Fell Episode 1 The first ( and only? ) really good Rm2k3 RPG that wasn't a port from Rm2k.
Aurora Wing The most well done CBS ever done on Rm2k, this game boasts a full-featured tactical battle system. This CBS actually ran ( although a bit slow ) on my old P1 200 with 40 MB RAM.
Aurora's Tear Advo's English translation of an earlier demo. One of the classic German Rm2k games.
Awakening One of the first Rm2k ABS games.
Bakuenryu An older RTP game I felt like adding. Was probably released in 2000.
Balmung Chronicles Started out as a DBS contest entry. The game thrown around it isn't bad either.
Beyond Dreams Interesting characters and systems make this game one you definitely should not miss. Unfortunately, it's a little short, and this is probably all we'll ever see of it.
Bionic Plague Released in 2000 and lost a MGA to ABL. Made by a notorious figure at the time, Rancid Diarrhea.
Black Fantasy Other old school game I felt like adding for no particular reason.
Blood Reign bsJeff's Eternal Souls CBS is still remembered, but not many remember this previous game.
Book of Three The forgotten Lys game. 100% Complete.
Brothers Had a fair amount of popularity. If anyone has the more updated version, please send it.
Chaos Millenium CBS Another one of the early CBSes, this one by shqua.
Crystal Chase An early game famous for being impossibly hard. This is a later version released in 2002.
Dawn of Darkness Legends: Nightwish 10-15 hour classic with very unique gameplay as far as Rm2k/3 games go.
Demented Pineapple 2k Absolutely depraved and without any merit whatsoever.
Demon Legacy The remade and re-completed version of Nightblade's Rm2k3 epic. Now not bloated with .wavs from PS1 games. Had a really neat villain.
Densetsu Redone Here it is! The first EVER English CBS! Awesome!
Destined Another one I felt like adding, although this one is fairly recent.
Destiny's Call Complete The remake of the original Destiny's Call. Sophomoric humor at its finest.
Deus Cards "Inspired" by Angelic Layer. Very interesting, if sometimes confusing card game/tournament by Watermark. Definitely a must-download.
Diary of a Madman I see dead people!!!!!
Dragon Destiny Rast's 30-40 hour puzzle-filled epic most notable for insane sized maps and insane lag.
Dragon Saga IV: Running Water Suikoden clone, though not as blatant as Legion Saga. Fully complete, it's the longest Rm2k game ever not named "Laxius Power".
DragonFull Another old 2000-era game added to the collection.
DRESS Craze had one month to produce a quality game or he'd have to wear a dress. He failed to do both, but what he did produce is available here.
Epoch The first installment of this space odyssey RPG. Has nice custom facesets. Facesets aside, this is the most perfectly average Rm2k game ever. Meaning if your game is better than this in any area, it's good in that area, and if your game is worse than this in any area, it's bad in that area.
Epoch 2 The sequel to the first Epoch.
Equilibrium A long intro to a game that never was.
Eternal Souls CBS One of the most famous CBS tech demos ever made with Rm2k, by bsJeff.
Extrenia The infamous "Setzer chick" game.
Falllenwood What was unique about Fallenwood was not only its open-ended design, but the choice to go with ambient sounds in place of music.
Fenrir's Sonata This teaser released back in 2001 boasted original graphics that can compete with the best screenshots you see in today's Rm2k/3 games.
Final Fantasy Fighters A fighting game using FF characters.
Final Fantasy: Shattered Lands There have always been Final Fantasy fangames. This wasn't even one of the first, but at least it was finished.
Final Frontier: Boundless Hearts This game invented overhyping with screenshots, systems that didn't deliver ... it was the perfect GW game and way ahead of its time.
Guile Machination Episodes 1-4 Hype, hype, hype. The first big-name English game to be released in episodes, it died when the creators went CBS.
Illumina This demo had the first ever complete CMS. ( In other words, the default menu was nowhere to be seen ).
In The Name of the Rose Bloodrose took the community by storm with this game, which popularized laggy front-end CMSes and overdramatic cutscenes. That being said, it wasn't bad at all.
Jang Fairly popular at the old rpgmaker.net in 2000.
Julius Caesar A Rm2k adaptation of the Shakespeare play that was sadly never finished. The best Rm2k game ever that doesn't use a single variable.
Jurassic RPG Another one of those classic 2000-era rpgmaker.net Rm2k games.
Karma Was one of the top games for Rm2k in late 2000-early 2001 and abandoned for Jump!. Once won Advocate's Choice.
Kinetic Cipher #8 The 8th demo of one of the first English Rm2k games. Still has unrivaled dungeon design. It's awesome. Ask Brickroad, he'll tell you.
Knights of Eden Good story, great music, and unfortunately, severe mechanical problems.
Land of Dreams Heavily Final Fantasy-influenced, but hey, it was completed.
Lazo's Trip Down Ruggish Thuggish Road One of the infamously bad early Rm2k games near the level of the ChapinoLatino games.
Legend of Lea One of the better games to come out of charas project. Hosting for the time being because I ran my big mouth. :)
Legend Quest The name says it all.
Legends Chapters 1-3 The first ever chain game!
Legion Saga Z First released Legion Saga fangame. Rock the Legion, Rock the Legion, Legion Saga Z!
Life Of Bob A ... rather strange comedy game, but then BobCFed was one of the stranger guys to pass through the community ....
Lost Chapters I UPRC's first game.
MAGE An obscure CBS/CMS game from 2001.
Mage's Stance This was the game Ebanis hyped.
Miaka's Great Adventure One of the main projects of this site.
Mostach Sheep Winner of the 2001 Misao's Greatest Risk that Failed.
Nigsek Still the best Rm2k fangame ever made. 25 hours of non-linear fun. Bugs finally cleaned out by Umbaglo and Trihan.
Onyx Give it a metal coat and trade it to someone and they'll get a nice surprise.
Pre-Geri Geran Dari Gara I think one can guess why this 2000-era game was added.
Rancid Saga It was custom back in the early days of the community to make games with infamous community members as villains. Three were advertised ( Rancid Saga, Wishmoo Saga, Advocate Saga ), but this was the only one to see release.
Redmoon Saga Was arguably the most popular Rm2k game in the community in the days before ABL.
River Dreams Unremarkable game overall, and only included because it was the first game I ever publicly reviewed. ( Unfortunately, I've lost the review. )
Robocks First completed English Rm2k game that wasn't "Hi, I'm Alex, welcome to my RTP quest!"
Romancing Walker The one and only dating/fantasy RPG localized into Engrish. But hey, it's better than my Japanese.
Rose Chronicles Like Riviera, only without the cutesy dating sim elements, and made with Rm2k3, and angsty. Sadly, without Fia the Riviera formula just doesn't work for me ...
Runic Legacy One of the first games to feature a CBS that was actually decent.
Se7en I never got the concept of Rm2k/3 survival/horror games. Actually, I never got the concept of this genre in general, but roaming around a world full of stock lighting effects, Suikoden 2 rips, and standard off-the-net moans and other sound effects just doesn't appeal to me. But it might do it for you. And this game managed to keep my attention for a little longer than most do.
Seekers of the Sun IMO, this game is heavily overrated. It's not a completely bad way to waste an hour and a half, though.
Silenced Breakthrough Solid enough bread and butter RPG put out by Dragonshadow.
Soul's Unrest Included here to get a rise out of Ebanis.
Starlancer Six This was an attempt to fuse a RPG with a generic magical girl anime. The experiment didn't last long, but you can download the results here.
Sword of Shin Completely unremarkable and forgettable. But it's not altogether bad, either, and shows a lot of improvement over previous versions.
Tales of Suneria Had a lot of promise, a CT-style CBS was being developed for it but was never finished. Cancelled when Maladroit Him followed LLMinami around begging her for cheap sex.
Tales of Suneria 2 CBS This was a Chrono Trigger style CBS LLMinami made for her Tales of Suneria series. As far as I know, this was the first serious attempt at such a CBS in Rm2k.
Tales of the Wind Made in 2000, this game can still hold its own graphically with most games of today.
Tarion Star Badluck's first game, which wanted so badly to be Until My Finest Hour, but bugs got in the way.
Tenora Dreaded's first game, put out a few months before Diary of a Madman. Let's just say Dreaded improved a LOT.
Tetris An adaptation of tetris in Rm2k by Laughy. A coding exhibition, IMO.
The Ruiners Classic 2001-era comedy RPG.
Three the Hard Way One of the main projects of this site.
Tierra Azul An old Rm2k Library game that never got the publicity it deserved.
Tyranny's Puppet This was actually the pre-teaser, code named "Triple Quest". The actual game was never released because of Evercrack.
Tyrant God Saga: Altered Perception Still altering perceptions after all these years. Still one of the more innovative Rm2k games.
Unforgiven Quest Remade several times in 2000 and was very popular at rpgmaker.net.
Until My Finest Hour This was the prequel to In the Name of the Rose, created afterward. And when it was released, you needed a strong computer to handle the tons of picture effects. The presentation was over the top overdone, but this style made a lasting effect on the community. These days, you can probably run the game so it'll be fine, if short.
Vampyr's Kiss CBS Lots of hype, lots of anticipation ... one CBS to show for it.
What the Hell I mean honestly.
Zero Run The game Shadowtext REALLY wants you to forget.
Zero Run Gaiden: Exodus The game Shadowtext wants you to forget.